Our Past Grand Officers

April 1979 - April 2004

Betty Herndon and James S. Trimble

1979 - 1980 (The Pathways to the Diamond Session)

Herndon-Trimble Grand Family

Beatrice Lovelace and Robert R. Miller

1980 - 1981 (The Dove of Peace Session)

Lovelace-Miller Grand Family

Anita S. Atkins and Alfred S. Massam, M.D.

1981 - 1982 (The Seasons of Love Session)

Atkins-Massam Grand Family

Frances Thompson and Arthur R. Goolsby

1982 - 1983 (The Chimes of the Isles Session)

Thompson-Goolsby Grand Family

Mattie Lou Keen and William B. Smith

1983 - 1984 (The Light of the Star Session)

Keen-Smith Grand Family

Cleo C. Raynes and C. Wayne Parr

1984 - 1985 (The Guiding Lights of Faith Session)

Raynes-Parr Grand Family

Ina J. Frontz (Baumgardner) and Lyle Tuttle

1985 - 1986 (The Treasured Friends of the World Session)

Fronz-Tuttle Grand Family

Bobbie P. Davidson and Earl "Buddy" Herndon

1986 - 1987 (The Spring of Life Session)

Davidson-Herndon Grand Family

Doris Wills and Maurice Webster

1987 - 1988 (The Follow the Sun Session)

Wills-Webster Grand Family

Lillian Richburg and Roy Barnett

1988 - 1989 (The Reflections of Spring Session)

Richburg-Barnett Grand Family

Grace Spivey and William "Eddie" Cook

1989 - 1990 (The Melody of the Stars Session)

Spivey-Cook Grand Family

Doris O'Kelly and Thomas W. Kyle

1990 - 1991 (The Good Shepherd Session)

O'Kelly-Kyle Grand Family

Marion Walsingham and Ottis R. Erickson

1991 - 1992 (The Angel of Faith Session)

Walsingham-Erickson Grand Family

Elsie Entzminger and Verne Ross

1992 - 1993 (The Key of Love Session)

Entzminger-Ross Grand Family

Pauline L. Bennett (Hornbeck) and Russell D. Woodard

1993 - 1994 (God's Garden Session)

Bennett-Woodard Grand Family

Gladys Switzer and Gerald A. Garrett

1994 - 1995 (The Royal Garden Session)

Switzer-Garrett Grand Family

Alice Lanier and James E. Lambert


1995 - 1996 (When You Wish Upon a Star Session)

Lanier-Lambert Grand Family

Helen J. Westmoreland and Robert D. Fiedler

1996 - 1997 (Precious Memories Session)

Helen J. Westmoreland, Past Most Worthy Grand Matron of The General Grand Chapter, 2016-2019

Westmoreland-Fiedler Grand Family

Margaret Nathurst and Burton G. Brim


1997 - 1998 (The Golden Carousel Session)

Nathurst-Brim Grand Family

Audry J. Cleland and Richard C. Daniel


1998 - 1999 (The Rainbow of Love Session)

Cleland-Daniel Grand Family

Tammy Clawson and Terry McLaughlin

1999 - 2000 (The Star Lights the World Session)

Clawson-McLaughlin Grand Family

Delores J. Laird and John L. Peters

    2000 - 2001 (The Light of Friendship Session)

Laird-Peters Grand Family

Berneice A. Woodard and Carl Williams


2001 - 2002 (The Cherished Memories Session)

Woodard-Williams Grand Family

Judy Wilson and Clarence S. Feagle

2002 - 2003 (The Eternal Life Session)

Patricia J. Williams and Gary H. Blanton


2003 - 2004 (The Believe in Miracles Session)

Williams-Blanton Grand Family