OES Charities

Order Of The Eastern Star

The Worthy Grand Matron’s Special Project will benefit the "Moffitt Cancer and Research Center"

The following items be offered for sale by the Committee at such times and places as may be authorized by the Chairman and the Worthy Grand Matron at no cost to Grand Chapter.

The following planned events be held by the Committee and that the Committee be allowed to solicit the members' participation in such events.

OES Service Dogs – As the primary and identifying charity, the Order of the Eastern Star advocates for qualified Service Dog programs and provides financial assistance to such organizations, aiding their efforts to serve mankind and to allow individuals to achieve independence.

ESTARL.  (Eastern Star Training Awards for Religious Leadership) is a scholarship fund for those who are going to school for the purpose of religious training.  Each state administers their own ESTARL program.  Those wishing to apply for an ESTARL Scholarship should submit the following application

  1.   ESTARL-ApplicationForESTARLAward.pdf (oesflorida.org)

S.H.E.A.F.  One of the most important gifts we can give our children, grandchildren or Eastern Star sisters and brothers is the opportunity to obtain a higher education.  S.H.E.A.F. funds are available for those seeking degrees or certifications from college, university, commercial or professional accredited schools.  With your generous donations to S.H.E.A.F., we can help make these dreams become a reality for them.

Application forms and requirements for these Student Higher Education Award Fund grants are listed below.

  1.  S.H.E.A.F.-Letter-To-Florida-Chapters-2022
  2.  S.H.E.A.F.-Scholarship-Information-2022
  3. Requirements-For-Applying-For-A-Grant
  4. Application-For-S.H.E.A.F.-Award
  5. Renewal-Application-For-S.H.E.A.F.-Award