Our Past Grand Matrons, Past Grand Patrons and Past Grand Officers

April 1954 - April 1979

Esther Bush and Wilbur W. Masters, Jr.


1954 - 1955 (The Golden Jubilee Session)

Bush-Masters Grand Family

Esther Livingston and Orion W. Louis


1955 - 1956 (The Hibiscus Session)

Livingston-Louis Grand Family

Ethel L. Dobson and Joseph R. Cherry


1956 - 1957 (The Easter Sunrise Session)

Dobson-Cherry Grand Family

Margaret Chapman and Robert W. Sanford

1957 - 1958 (The Love & Happiness Session)

Chapman-Sanford Grand Family

Freda McEwen and Boyd H. Harris

1958 - 1959 (The Blue Star Session)

McEwen-Harris Grand Family

Pearla L. Rogers and A. Marvin Allen


1959 - 1960 (The Gleaners Session)

Rogers-Allen Grand Family

Frances Gray and Cecil C. Theus

1960 - 1961 (The Garden of Prayer Session)

  Gray-Theus Grand Family

Emmalu Brown and John F. Nicholson

1961 - 1962 (The Faith & Friendship Session)

Brown-Nicholson Grand Family

Leota Prosser and Lewis Z. Kent


1962 - 1963 (The Chimes of Love Session)

Prosser-Kent Grand Family

Irene Johns and Walter F. Fennell

1963 - 1964 (The Light & Harmony Session)

Johns-Fennell Grand Family

Adele Robertson* and Lee Bowles

1964 - 1965 (The Hearts of Starlight Session)

Robertson-Bowles Grand Family

*Suspended indefinitely 1979

Ethel F. Keller and George L. Myers

1965 - 1966 (My Dream Session)

Keller-Myers Grand Family

Onie Mae Stephens and Ronald D. Gray, Jr.

1966 - 1967 (The Colonial Garden of Love Session)

Stephens-Gray Grand Family

Ione Keen and Judge John T. Rose, Jr.

1967 - 1968 (The Radiant Light Session)

Keen-Rose Grand Family

Lois Kent and Ralph Algee


1968 - 1969 (The Sands of Time Session)

Kent-Algee Grand Family

Jessie Mae Hicks and Walter A. Thompson, Jr.

1969 - 1970 (The Crown Jewel Session)

Hicks-Thompson Grand Family

Virginia Boyte and Robert Buttery

1970 - 1971 (The Garden of the Cross Session)

Boyte-Buttery Grand Family

Betty L. Snell and Roy Crowther

1971 - 1972 (The Nature's Life & Beauty Session)

Snell-Crowther Grand Family

Lucille C. Grimes and Harvey A. Giberson


1972 - 1973 (The Sea of Life Session)

Grimes-Giberson Grand Family


Lucille Taunton and Percy Dillard

1973 - 1974 (The Harbor of Peace Session)

Taunton-Dillard Grand Family

Val Ledbetter and David T. Woodruff

1974 - 1975 (The Palace Garden Session)

Ledbetter-Woodruff Grand Family

Norma Cope and Carl R. Bowen

1975 - 1976 (The Reflections of Beauty Session)

Cope-Bowen Grand Family

Mamie Horton and Aubrey H. Dykes

1976 - 1977 (The Garden of Tomorrow Session)

Horton-Dykes Grand Family

Helen Gregersen and Robert C. Thomas

1977 - 1978 (The Light in Life's Garden Session)

Gregersen-Thomas Grand Family

Betty Boyer and Pasco J. Lewis

1978 - 1979 (The Message of the Bells Session)

Boyer-Lewis Grand Family