Our Past Grand Matrons, Past Grand Patrons & Past Grand Officers

April 1929 - April 1954

Mamie S. Lander and Robert M. Brandon


1929 - 1930 (The Loving Kindness Session)

Lander-Brandon Grand Family


Mamie S. Lander, Most Worthy Grand Matron of General Grand Chapter, 1943-1946 and Right Worthy Grand Secretary of General Grand Chapter, 1946-1976

Lillian Kilpatrick and Robert M. Oglesby

1930 - 1931 (The Rainbow Session)

Kilpatrick-Oglesby Grand Family

Mae T. Donovan and Bob R. Milam

1931 - 1932 (The Service Session)

Donovan-Milam Grand Family

Katherine E. McKay and George A. Miller, Jr.

1932 - 1933 (The Glad Session)

McKay-Miller Grand Family

Leona Faircloth and E. Lynn Gunn

1933 - 1934 (The Love & Service Session)

Faircloth-Gunn Grand Family

Nancye Rickard and Glenn E. McKay

1934 - 1935 (The Orange Blossom Session)

Rickard-McKay Grand Family

Della Green (Bryson) and Fred E. Mank

1935 - 1936 (The Evergreen Session)

Green-Mank Grand Family

Ethel C. Turner and George E. Turner

1936 - 1937 (Queen Esther Session)

Turner-Turner Grand Family

Charlotte B. Perry and Henry O. Snow

1937 - 1938 (The Florida Session)

Perry-Snow Grand Family

Beatrice Brandon and Clare R. Kemp

1938 - 1939 (The Morning Glory Session)

Brandon-Kemp Grand Family

Donna J. Hainline and E. W. Garris

1939 - 1940 (The Colonial Session)

Hainline-Garris Grand Family

Minnie Cogan and Howard G. Rambo


1940 - 1941 (The Cathedral Session)

Cogan-Rambo Grand Family

Marion Neeb and C. R. Lucas


1941 - 1942 (The Fraternal Garden Session)

Neeb-Lucas Grand Family

Frances Keisling and Robert A. Gray

1942 - 1943 (The Dawn of Peace Session)

Keisling-Gray Grand Family

Winnie Blyth and Arthur C. Schenck

1943 - 1944 (The All Star Session)

Blyth-Schenck Grand Family

Mabelle Ramey and P. J. Beachem

1944 - 1946 (The Marine Session)

Ramey-Beachem Grand Family

Bessie Christian and James V. Inabinet


1946 - 1947 (The Keystone Candlelight Session)

Christian-Inabinet Grand Family

Opal Bartow (Kruse) and Charles W. Gutteridge

1947 - 1948 (The Sunshine & Happiness Session)

Bartow-Gutteridge Grand Family

Elizabeth Penn and J. Edwin Larson

1948 - 1949 (The Melody of Love Session)

Penn-Larson Grand Family

Florence Carter and Vincent R. Brice

1949 - 1950 (Rob Morris Centennial Session)

Carter-Brice Grand Family

Ethel Hays and Arlo Bean

1950 - 1951 (The Suwannee Session)

Hays-Bean Grand Family

Emma Saunders and Albert S. Horne


1951 - 1952 (The All Star Florida Session)

Saunders-Horne Grand Family

Helen P. Theus and Harry F. MacMinn


1952 - 1953 (The Heart of Gold Session)

Theus-MacMinn Grand Family

Ann Race and Carl Wallace


1953 - 1954 (The Nuggets O' Memories Session)

Race-Wallace Grand Family