WGM Letter 23 May 2020


 May 22 at 7:52 PM Shared with Members of FLORIDA EASTERN STAR

This is the letter that was sent to our Past Grand Matrons, Past Grand Patrons, Grand Officer’s, and Chapter Secretary’s today. I wanted to be sure you all got the information. Thank you for your patience as we continue to work through these difficult times.
May 23, 2020
To the Officers and Members of Subordinate Chapters of Florida;
CELEBRATION!! Let’s all celebrate and have a good time!! This is a line from a famous song and will become our theme song for the summer. After meeting with the Elected Grand Line and requesting guidance from the Sub Committee of Jurisprudence the Elected Line Officers decided for the welfare of our members that we will reopen our Chapters with your Rob Morris Celebration in August and require Stated Meetings beginning with your first or only meeting in September. This decision was made based on the Grand Masters decision to reopen the Lodges beginning June 1, 2020 and the knowledge that most of our Chapters recess during the summer. Our Chapters will have been closed for five months by that time and should accommodate everyone’s summer vacations and ensure we are all ready to get back to the work of the Order.
This will serve as a BLANKET DISPENSATION for June, July, and August 2020.
Many Chapters have voiced a concern about the number of meetings we will be missing. Because of the unprecedented crisis we know that many adjustments will need to be made! Required observances such as Landmark will have been missed and Chapters will not be able to hold the required number of meetings per year. All this will be waived for this year. Secretaries are asked to be sure the “Blanket Dispensations” are included in your minutes to cover all missed meetings and activities.
Chapters that because of the age or health of your membership do not feel it is safe to reopen in September may request a Dispensation on a meeting by meeting basis and these will be addressed at that time.
With the Governors Phase I and the reopening of the Lodges you will be able to meet in small groups of 10 or less to complete your audits, have committee meeting to plan for the remainder of the year, have study groups and other small group functions. If Phase II is reached prior to Chapter reopening then larger group meetings would be allowed however, not before Phase II is announced for the entire state. PLEASE remember to practice Social Distancing and we encourage the use of masks and hand sanitizer!
We would hope you are aware that everything is subject to change in the event there is a resurgence or “second wave” of the Covid 19. More guidelines will be sent to our Chapters as our reopening approaches and we have a better understanding of Federal and State directives. Start now to plan for an awesome Rob Morris as we celebrate both the birthday of our Founder and the rebirth of our Chapters!!
Your Elected Grand Line is meeting biweekly through this crisis to help guide our Chapters and plan for the future of our Grand Chapter. Working together we will all make it through and be strengthened by the hardships we have faced. Please remember we are here to help if help is needed. Please reach out and check on our Sisters and Brothers who may need assistance and most of all please remember to keep our country, our youth, our Order, and each other in your thoughts and prayers!
📷Lovingly and Fraternally,
Heather Earnhardt
Worthy Grand Matron