Florida OES Generals 21-24

Triennial 2021-2024 Appointments

The order of appointments listed below are per RWAGM.

"The introductions are not relevant until November 4, 2021.  The Worthy Grand Matron will address these introductions at her Grand Schools.   The General Grand Chapter introductions must be done per Florida Floor Work." (as of 8/7/2021 11:40am)

                 Name                         Title

Sister      Lois A. Casaccia - Co-Chairman Appeals & Grievance

Sister      Margaret Nathurst - Benevolence Committee

Sister      Charlene Williams - By-Laws Committee

Sister      Sylvia Morrow -  Credentials Committee

Sister      Betty Beasley - ESTARL Committee

Sister      Patricia Williams - International Headquarters Committee

Brother  Billy Williams - Co-Chairman Regenerative Medicine

Brother  Michael Harrell - Service Dogs Committee

Sister      Linda Rae Every - Youth Committee

Triennial Assembly Committee

       Sister   Rabbi Shafir "Candy" Lobb - Prayer Council

Triennial Other Assembly Committee - Colorful Note

      Sister   Joan Schwebel - Personal Page MWGM

      Sister   Heather Earnhardt - Assistant RWGC

      Sister   Joy W. Feit - Personal Page to TWG Trustee

Triennial Special Assembly Committee - Faithful Note

      Sister   Elaine Howell