Lakeside #271

Roe Fulkerson Lodge #299

811 Glenn Parkway
Hollywood, FL 33021

"Official Visit of the WGM" Flyer (updated 4/24/2023)

Stated Meetings:

2nd Thursdays     7:30 pm     Map & Directions


2023-2024 Officers
Office Name
Worthy Matron Kay Morgan, PM
Worthy Patron John Leisenring, PP
Associate Matron Jeri Dausey, PM
Associate Patron
Secretary                             Sam Newton, PM
Treasurer Stephanie Bickle
Conductress      Carrie Green, PM
Associate Conductress Heather Dawla
Chaplain Konni Atwood, PM
Marshal Kaitlin Sims
Adah                                     Lana Clasen
Ruth Roula Saffoury
Esther Jacer Collins
Martha Maria Sanoja
Sentinel Dan Newton, PP