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Eastern Star Training Awards for Religious Leadership

Letter from 2018-2019 Chairman             Requirements-for-Applying               click here for application


A.    Awards are to be made to students preparing for leadership in various fields of religious service including: Ministers, Missionaries,  Directors of Youth Leadership.

B.    The amount of the award will be based on the amount available in the Fund, but once an award is made to a student, it shall not be reduced except for good cause and after notice has been given to the student.

C.    The student is free to select the school of his or her choice which has an accredited course in the field of the various religious services.  A check in the amount of the award is sent to the school for the use of that particular student while pursuing the studies in preparation for full-time  religious service.  The money is issued primarily for tuition, but may be used for books, room, board, or medical aid.


A.    Applicants must be a LEGAL resident of the State of Florida. Preference will be given to students who are at least a Junior in college who apply for or receive the ESTARL grant.

B.    Awards will be based upon indication of scholarship, character, leadership qualities, need and evidence of self-help.

C.    Applicants need not be of Masonic or Eastern Star affiliation.

D.    Eligibility will be determined entirely by the ESTARL Committee.


A.    Any subordinate Chapter that feels it has an eligible scholarship candidate should write to the Chairperson of the ESTARL Committee, give the name of the Candidate and request proper application procedures.

B.    The student need only be sponsored by vote of the Chapter.   The sponsoring Chapter assumes no financial responsibility by this action,  however, the Chapter should have available to them the financial need of the student and some background on the student as to his or her sincerity of achieving their goal in religious leadership.  After sponsorship, the Chapter secretary should write to the ESTARL Chairperson requesting an application form.   

Subordinate Chapters and members of the Order are urged to give enthusiastic and generous support to this program.  Has your Chapter contributed recently?

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