Greetings From The International

Grand Representatives Association


On behalf of the members of the IGRA and as your President, I congratulate you who are current and former Grand Representatives. What a thrill it is to receive a Commission as a Grand Representative for the Order of the Eastern Star.  

Many of you may not know the purpose of the IGRA. It is to provide a forum to exchange ideas beneficial to our Grand Jurisdictions. It is to work for the good of the Order and promote interest in our General Grand Chapter.

By being a member of the IGRA you can receive notices of planned activities of the General Grand Chapter prior to the events, by receiving our newsletter three times during the Triennial. At the General Grand Chapter Triennial we have a luncheon, a hospitality room and introduce our officers at a reception. As a Grand Representative and Former Grand Representative you may purchase a dress that maybe worn all three years of the Triennial. The form to purchase the dress maybe found on this website.

You also may provide a handbook that provides tips such as proper protocol when visiting other Grand jurisdictions, contacting your counterpart, calling cards, what to wear, your name badge and international travel. This handbook maybe purchased on the application of membership.

Our Charity is the International Headquarters. We present the Headquarters a check two times during our term.

Remember that as far as the International Grand Representatives Association of General Grand Chapter is concerned " once a Grand Representative always a Grand Representative".

I am looking forward to meeting you and hearing from you during the next three years.

"When someone enters into our lives as a stranger, let this be the only time they enter as a stranger." Marilyn Lambert, President.